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3 Common Residential Cleaning Mistakes

Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid!

Residential Cleaning mistakes are a common issue that many residential cleaners make. Below are 3 of the most common ones. If you’re a residential cleaner, make sure you avoid these!

Overlooking Dirty Items

It’s easy to overlook the dirty side of the job. It’s the part that most people forget to clean. When cleaning, your eyes will naturally be drawn to the clean. As a result, you’ll miss things. So, make sure you remember and prioritize cleaning the dirty side of the room!

Not Cleaning Frequently Enough

If you’re worried about getting things done in a day, then make sure you always clean frequently. It’s one of the most important mistakes to avoid during a cleaning job. You’ll want to clean at least every other day, and even more if you’re dealing with a lot of heavy dirt in the room. Your customers will feel more comfortable knowing you’re working to clear the area. Plus, if you miss cleaning, the germs and bacteria will start to build up. Everyone will start to feel uncomfortable in the room. If you notice this, you should take a day or two off to ensure everything has had a chance to be properly clean.

Overlooking Hard-To-Reach Surfaces

Make sure that you’re cleaning every inch of your residential space. Do you have high ceilings? If so, it may be hard to reach hard-to-reach areas. Reach up and grab the top of your ceilings and make sure to clean them. Reach under the furniture and make sure to clean the corners of the room. Reach in between the cracks and crevices and make sure to clean the parts that you can’t see.

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