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Quality Cleaning Tips After Renovation and Construction

Don’t Leave Out Surfaces!

The last stage before a building project is finished is post-construction cleaning. However, this process might become difficult without enough planning. Almost all home improvement tasks result in the production of dust particles, which manage to find their way into every crevice of the area you’ve so meticulously restored. Here are some quality cleaning tips after construction:

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

From the top down, clean all surfaces. Yes, even during construction, dust can build up on your walls, so start by dusting it off. Dry dusting is the ideal method for getting rid of dust without damaging a wall’s surface, however, depending on the paint or wall covering you have, you might also want to use a moist cloth. Before using any moisture, confirm with the paint or wallpaper manufacturer and test a small area first. Two additional common areas for dust to collect are cabinets and moldings. Use a duster in these areas after that. Cleaning should be done on every internal shelf of the cabinet, paying special attention to the difficult-to-reach corners.

Clean Air Vents & Replace Filters

Dust and debris from a significant home renovation job will mix with the air itself and travel to your vents. Treating the air vents and filters in that area is essential to minimizing the quantity of dust that can travel throughout the rest of your house, even if you only remodel one room. The vent covers should be taken from the surrounding walls and ceilings, cleaned with soap and warm water, and then completely dried. Before changing the vent covers, replace any exposed air filters with new ones. Keep in mind that skipping this step can cause allergies and respiratory problems because of breathing in the dust!

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