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What to Ask When Hiring a Home Cleaner?

Questions Worth Asking!

When looking for a home cleaner, what are the top questions you should be asking? Home cleaners often say they can help you clean your home. However, not all of them have the same expertise. It can be hard to know if you’re hiring the right one and what you should be asking them. Below are three of the questions you must be asking:

Do you have experience?

Before engaging and working with a cleaner, make sure to ask about their experience! If they can’t give you any information about their experience, that means they might not have enough experience in the industry, and it’s better to look for someone else. If someone is new in the field, you should ask about their experience and whether or not they have done this kind of job before. If you’re looking for somebody to clean your house, it’s good to ask about their length of experience in the industry and how long they’ve been working in their current job.

Do you have insurance coverage?

When looking for a cleaner, make sure to ask about their insurance and whether or not they have workers’ compensation. If they don’t have these, you can be held responsible if an accident happens in your house. It’s also good to ask them about potential damage, whether or not they can make good on their work, and whether they’ll show up on time with their employees. You can also ask them about their process and how much time they’ll spend on your home!

Do you have the proper certifications?

If you’re looking for a cleaning company, ask about the company’s certifications. You can ask about their certifications from your local Better Business Bureau, state board, and other companies. It is highly recommended to look for a company that can provide a copy of their certifications. If they can’t provide you with a copy, you should ask them for a copy because it means that they’re hiding something. If they can’t provide you with a copy, you should look for a different company!

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